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Tantric Massage & Tantra Intimacy: Devon, South-West England

Tantric Massage & Tantra Intimacy

Unlock Your Potential

I invite you to join me for Heart-Centred Tantra Intimacy & Tantric Massage Sessions, in Devon, South-West England (nr. Plymouth & Exeter). Receive touch that stimulates and awakens your body. Discover new ways to experience pleasure that feel confident, clear and full of choice. Whether you have sexual difficulties, are curious to explore, or simply long to receive the most exquisite loving touch, you are welcome here. 


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“Thank you for a lovely, warm, personal and sensuous session today.” – Client

Tantric Massage: Experience a deeply relaxing blissful full-body massage, as my hands cover your entire body with light and sweeping sensual strokes. Surrender to pleasure and experience your true potential as waves of ecstasy flow throughout your body. 

Tantra Intimacy: Share in some yummy, hands-on experiences that are guaranteed to improve your own personal enjoyment and to create new levels of trust and connection with your partner. Grow in confidence, learn new skills and rediscover the joy of sex.

All Tantra sessions are offered in Devon, South-West England (nr. Totnes, Dartington, and Ashburton). Individuals and couples of any orientation, gender, age, size and ability are invited to learn Tantra with me. All will be treated with the utmost care, love and respect.