Heart Tantra

Tantric Massage & Tantra Intimacy: Devon, South-West England


Please send your initial inquiry via the online contact form or email to Daisy: devontantra@gmail.com. You can express your needs/goals, and I can answer any questions that you may have. It is also very helpful to know when you would like your session to take place (time and date). Please note, same day appointments are not possible. Please be assured that I will treat all information with absolute confidence. My only aim is to offer you a session that meets your specific needs. If I am not able to support you myself, then I will always do my best to recommend another practitioner.


Time & Money

Tantric Intimacy Sessions
3 hours – £200 per session

Tantric Massage Sessions
2 hours –
 £140 per session

New Clients; Please remember to deduct your £30 pre-paid deposit from the prices listed above.


You are welcome to call me on 07926386871, but please understand that I cannot discuss specifics over the phone.

Sessions are weekdays, Monday – Friday  (daytime).

All sessions take place within South Hams, Devon. Local to Totnes, Dartington, and Ashburton. Directions will be provided after a definite booking is made and a deposit is received.

Deposits & Booking (new clients)
I ask for a non-refundable deposit of £30 to be paid upon booking. Please let me know once this has been paid so that I can secure your session and provide you with directions.