Heart Tantra

Tantric Massage & Tantric Intimacy: Devon, South-West England

About Tantric Massage

At first Tantra can be confusing to understand because Tantric experiences are so different from the sexual encounters that we normally have. Within western society “normal intimacy” involves two people interacting and getting turned on by each other. There’s also a massive expectation for lovers to be responsible for each other’s pleasure. And,  as a culture we receive a steady flow of religious and media messages to reinforce this, a classic example being the romantic scenes of Hollywood movies.

Tantra massage is an ancient sexual tradition, that invites you to explore a new way of experiencing pleasure. Close your eyes, relax under the touch of expert hands and surrender to the wisdom of your body…

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A haven of tranquillity, away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Tantra Massage is a one-way touch massage experience. The reason for this is not about a practitioners personal boundary’s or being prudish. By encouraging you to relax and to receive, suggesting that you close your eyes, supporting you to ask for what you want, helping you to breath and move, your practitioner is inviting you to practice a new way of experiencing pleasure.

As you lie down and enjoy receiving massage throughout your body, the distractions and worries of daily life will disappear. Your whole body will relax and you will begin to notice the feelings of pleasure moving and growing within you.

People traditionally practice Tantra to explore their body’s erotic potential, by seeking out the blissful pleasures of full-body orgasms, or even energy orgasms. Such skills can take some time to master, but believe me, they’re well worth it.

If full body orgasms aren’t your cup of tea then a Tantric Massage can support you in many other ways. Tantric skills can help to resolve many sexual issues, ranging from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and not being able to orgasm readily.  Tantra can help to regain confidence, heal from past wounds, or provide a time to simply relax and enjoy being in the present moment. Please always let me know where you would like your tantric journey to take you.