Heart Tantra

Tantric Massage & Tantric Intimacy: Devon, South-West England

Tantric Massage Sessions

Experience the best orgasm you’ve ever had…

For thousands of years, people have stepped out of the convention to explore the unique gifts that tantra has to offer, such as full-body orgasm and energy-orgasm. These heightened states of pleasure are only possible when the whole body is completely relaxed and erotically charged through specialist tantric practices. Journey into tantra and understand every aspect of yourself, stay present with pleasure, experience ecstatic joy and bliss, through the sensual touch of massage.

Tantric Massage is a one-way touch massage experience that celebrates the whole body, including the lingam/yoni (if desired). Tantric Massage is offered to Individuals, and to couples wishing to learn skills together.

Repeat session one as many times as you like or complete the course.

Session one -Relax and surrender to a new way of experiencing pleasure as my hands soothe and caress your entire body with soft, flowing sensual strokes.

Session two – Combine massage, breath and erotic touch, to build erotic energy and circulate it throughout your body. to create a powerful full body experience.

Session three – Hone your skills and transform your pleasure with specialist tantric breathing rhythms, to create ” an energy orgasm” a unique full-body vibratory state.

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“I really appreciate your thoroughness, generosity of spirit and gentleness of touch.” – Client.

Tantric Massage (Session One)

Relax and enjoy…

This deeply relaxing, rejuvenating session can be enjoyed as the first of three courses, or as a repeat session to be taken as and when you wish. Over time, the soothing touch of tantra can heal many ills; leave your worries behind and, embrace the gentle touch of Tantra.

Tantric Massage (Session Two)

Ecstasy through the erotic…

Experience the intense joy of combining breath with erotic touch. Stimulate pleasure and circulate it throughout your body. Enjoy “full-body orgasm,” an intensely pleasurable experience, with sensations that reach far beyond a conventional climax.

Tantric Massage (Session Three)

Bliss through breath…

Explore specialist tantric practices, that harness the power of breath and pelvic muscle contractions to generate a full-body vibratory state called an energy orgasm. In my mind, this is the ultimate goal for any Tantrica and the best party trick ever.

Following the course, you are welcome to return for further exploration.